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Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Dream Book Cover

So, I've been working hard at hardly working on my WIP these past few months. With the kids being home from school for the summer, my time to write and edit has been sparse. BUT, I did have a great day hanging out with my very talented thirteen year old daughter one afternoon. She is a whiz at editing pictures on the computer so I asked her if she could make me a book cover for my contemporary young adult novel, The Memory Box. 

I showed her the print advertisement I'd found and have used as a point of reference for my two characters, Travis and Cassie. She copied it and uploaded it onto her computer. Then we found a cabin on Google images and copied that onto her computer also.   

With a few magical effects and a text box, this is the result of our day:

SQUEEE!  I love it! She's amazing, right? It's exactly what I would've envisioned if I were to ever publish my book. I know I probably couldn't use it because these are paid models, but still, a girl can dream...